Hi! My name is Steve!

I started CarBufferPro.com with the aim to provide and help people find the perfect car buffer for their needs. With many years of experience in auto detailing, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide and help people make an informed decision.

I have a leading business in detailing and polish hundreds of cars every year. My goal is to make the daunting task of buying a car buffer easy and simple.

I understand how challenging it is to select a car buffer. With tons of options out on the market and lack of knowledge, it gets difficult to know, which car buffer is right for you. In today’s advanced world, there are thousands of reviews available on the internet. It is not possible to know, which information is authentic and is coming from professionals.

Most of the information is given by the owners who don’t have comprehensive knowledge. As a result, you end up buying a substandard buffer or the one that is not suitable for you. So, you should take advice from experienced and qualified professionals.

My love for shiny cars and unprofessional advices available for the users led me to come up with this project. My aim is to provide the information customers need for choosing the best buffer. I just want everyone to have the perfect buffer for their car.

Hence, stay tuned to know the best car buffers on the market and feel free to contact me via email or through contact form.